Made Me Feel Protected and Informed

Because of the way things were handled during the divorce, I still remain good friends with my ex as we continue to coparent our children.  In retrospect, I know most lawyers use inflammatory language during written correspondence letters to enrage the other partner towards litigation in court.  My ex's lawyer communicated in such a way but Jessie did not.  I am so grateful to her as she could have easily done the same which would have antagonized the process and led to a very different outcome.
Over the past several years post-divorce, I have asked Jessie for consultation on a variety of issues and she continues to remain attentive to my needs.  Although she has and continues to be my divorce attorney and advocate, this "shark" has also become my friend who I appreciate and truly respect in the deepest sense.  Thank you, Jessie!

- Sheryl C.

I highly recommend you to see Jessie Shaw since her very good public reputation and Chinese speaking capability. She is very knowledgeable not only in Family-laws she is also excellent in real estate, stocks and retirement. Her thorough knowledge gives her ability in simplifying complex issues to conclusion resolving precisely fast and easy. As an engineer’s point of view, I have to say math and logical thinking is also impressing. Greg Almas, her associate, is also a hard worker. He is familiar with jurisprudence and used into his cases to increase highest wining possibilities. The best part is their teamwork, they discuss, debate between them and finalize an impeccable argument. I had a bad experience with another attorney who initiated my case and took my money but did not perform any further work about two years. By a friend’s recommendation, I came to see Jessie Shaw, they solved my case the best way. I appreciate their work and like to recommend them to anyone who is seeking help in any family practice cases.

- PJ C.