At the Law Offices of Y. Jessie Shaw, with offices in Pasadena, California, we practice solely in the area of family law. We offer comprehensive legal services to clients in all matters related to family law, particularly in the area of custody disputes. Attorney Y. Jessie Shaw has helped countless clients, ranging from low-income to high net-worth individuals; successfully resolve their custody disputes both inside and outside the courtroom. She is board certified in family law and has the necessary expertise in this complex practice area to favorably resolve your case.

Practice Area: Custody

At the Law Offices of Y. Jessie Shaw, we practice exclusively in the area of family law and offer our clients comprehensive legal counsel in all matters related to their case. For clients going through a divorce, there are often complicated custody issues. In addition, custody agreements often need to be modified as a child gets older or when a parent’s living situation changes. Our attorneys provide personalized, focused legal advice to clients in all aspects related to custody agreements.

Often agreements can be reached through careful planning and negotiation. In other cases, however, it may be necessary to fight for your rights in court. At the Law Office of Y. Jessie Shaw, our attorneys have extensive experience in the courtroom. Attorney Shaw has tried more than 50 trials and several hundred family law hearings, achieving exceptional results for her clients. Our attorneys work closely with our clients to understand every detail of their case and to identify their goals. They will carefully answer your question and explain your options. Together, we will formulate a legal strategy that will help achieve your goals and protect your rights as a parent.

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At the Law Offices of Y. Jessie Shaw, we know that the stakes are high in child custody cases. The agreement you reach can dictate how, when, where, and with whom you can see your child for years to come. That is why our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients in all child custody matters. Our attorneys have the necessary experience, knowledge and skill to answer your questions and protect your rights. If you are involved in a custody dispute, don’t wait to consult with an attorney. Contact our Pasadena office today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced California child custody attorneys.