The establishment or disproving of paternity can have a huge impact on a variety of legal proceedings. Paternity is an especially significant factor in separations and divorces, as it determines whether a particular spouse is eligible for custody or required to make child support payments. Likewise, the establishment of paternity can prove useful for unmarried partners seeking parental rights. For targeted feedback on all matters regarding paternity, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Law Offices of Y. Jessie Shaw. A trusted Pasadena family lawyer, Y. Jessie Shaw will help you determine your paternity status, and, from there, harness that knowledge in order to achieve the best legal outcome possible.

Establishing Paternity In California

In California, two main approaches are used to establish paternity: voluntary declaration and court order. Many fathers choose to voluntarily declare paternity as soon as the child in question is born. This process takes place at the hospital and involves the signing of an official declaration of paternity document. If this document is not signed at the hospital, it may be completed at a later date, at which point a new birth certificate with both parents’ names may be issued. The official establishment of paternity may prove vital in a number of contexts, including issues related to inheritance, adoption and health care. Thus, if you have not already established paternity of your child, you are advised to do so as soon as possible.

Paternity Disputes

The establishment of paternity can make a huge difference in divorce or separation proceedings; as such, it is in the best interest of those who suspect that they do not possess paternity to seek testing. This is especially true for those pursuing divorce, as courts often presume paternity if the spouse of the mother was married at the time of birth. By submitting to blood or DNA testing, an individual can prove that he is not the father of a past or present significant other’s children.

Resolving Paternity Cases Through The Law Offices Of Y. Jessie Shaw

Y. Jessie Shaw handles a wide array of paternity cases. She represents mothers seeking to establish or challenge paternity, as well as fathers hoping to establish paternity and alleged fathers in the midst of paternity disputes. No matter the nature of your current paternity concerns, you can count on the Law Offices of Y. Jessie Shaw for reliable advice and representation. A compassionate lawyer with a history of success, she will help you obtain a satisfactory resolution for your current paternity case.